Libraries are for Everyone

By Rachel Hannusch  When I was a first year student, I started working at the St. Jerome’s Library and when I answered the classic “where do you work?” question the typical response that I received was “I didn’t know that there was one”. At first this didn’t surprise me, we were all first years after … Continue reading Libraries are for Everyone

Focus, please.

The most consistent question I’ve been asked about the Library Expansion, in some form or another, is “Is there still going to be quiet spaces?!” The answer is YES, most certainly! Admittedly, these questions shouldn’t have come as a surprising, since the images that have been shared so far in the gallery have been almost entirely of … Continue reading Focus, please.

Research Space Pilot Projects

Many of the spaces in the St. Jerome’s Library renovation are brand new to the St. Jerome’s campus. The digital research lab is a particular standout in this regard. So,  how do you know if a concept space will work in a new library? You experiment with pilot projects. The Medieval DRAGEN Lab, Dr. Steven … Continue reading Research Space Pilot Projects