The most consistent question I’ve been asked about the Library Expansion, in some form or another, is “Is there still going to be quiet spaces?!” The answer is YES, most certainly!

Admittedly, these questions shouldn’t have come as a surprising, since the images that have been shared so far in the gallery have been almost entirely of group and collaborative spaces. The main reason for this is that not many changes will happen to our existing quiet focus space – really, the SJU Library as it exists today. The plan is to update and improve the space, adding more focus study spaces and room for the collection in an a more intentional way.


It’s difficult to move away from the traditional “stacks” layout in an academic library. The collection is just too large to not have tall rows of shelves. Thankfully, the expansion will allow us to get a little creative with furniture & shelving arrangements to create improved quiet and comfortable work spaces. With both the circulation desk and computer tables moving elsewhere, there is an abundance of new space to relocate the reserves collection, and place new furniture layouts that inspire focus, comfort, and contemplative quiet study.


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