The SJU Library project is a user-centred initiative. That means that the spaces we are creating are done so with your needs in mind. That also means that you need to speak your mind so that we don’t have to read your minds. During our research, we received a great deal of input on what our students and faculty would like to see added to the library. We certainly aren’t getting rid of our quiet and comfortable spaces. Our quiet collection space is the heart of this library. This space will be updated and refreshed, but it will maintain the same function and feel.

What we learned during our conversations around the community is that the library didn’t have enough of  collaborative work spaces, lounge spaces, and research spaces. So that’s exactly what the expansion will add. We conceptualized those new spaces, and now we need to know what you actually think of them

If giving your two cents isn’t quite enough of an incentive, we will be giving out Starbucks gift cards at random to people who leave comments in the feedback section. You’ll also be entered if you leave a note on the @keilhauer_design furniture currently on display in the library.


Jade seems to like the Cahoots chair. (note her fabulous artwork in the background)

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