Many of the spaces in the St. Jerome’s Library renovation are brand new to the St. Jerome’s campus. The digital research lab is a particular standout in this regard. So,  how do you know if a concept space will work in a new library? You experiment with pilot projects. The Medieval DRAGEN Lab, Dr. Steven Bednarski’s student research space, is one such ongoing pilot project.

The DRAGEN Labbers work on a number of different digital research projects including digitization, web development, and digital design, alongside transcribing and translating medieval documents. The DRAGEN Lab very closely resembles the digital research lab in the Library’s design concepts. Aside from paint, the similarities are quite uncanny. If the DRAGEN Lab’s success so far is any indication of what the future holds for the new research spaces in the library expansion, we can expect a very lively and productive research and knowledge creation hub at St. Jerome’s.

The Expansion will add several more research spaces to the Library to support more of the many ongoing research projects at St. Jerome’s University. Dr. Lackenbauer’s CFPF team has recently moved into the space that is slated for the future research expansion. Below is the space as it currently exists, and the working concept for what that research hub may look like after the Renovation. With a central breakout space, small project rooms, and several large research labs, the new research hub will be a hive of active scholarly exploration.

Let us know what you think the proposed research spaces below, or fill out a feedback form. Stay tuned for more updates.

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