St. Jerome’s University has seen two beautiful new buildings come online this fall. The classroom and library building, that’s SJ1, had nearly all of its classrooms renovated and refurnished over the summer as well. Oh, and the New Quarterly moved into a stunning new office in that building, too.

You might think that the construction on campus has slowed down. You would be mistaken. Sweeney Hall is still under major construction, creating new offices for our faculty and administration. The former Finn residence is also under construction, and will be reinvented in the near future.  The lecture hall formerly known Siegfried Hall will soon is now the Notre Dame Chapel, and will be renovated in the near future.

That leaves one more big change on campus, the St Jerome’s University Library expansion. When it’s all said and done, the new library will occupy nearly all of the second floor of SJ1. This complex project (SJ1 is really 3 buildings glued together)  will come together over the next year and beyond to create one of the premier learning space(s) for students and faculty at St. Jerome’s and the University of Waterloo.

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